Content leadership

For 24 years, from 1992 to 2016, I led the development of content for the LifeWorks EAP, Work-Life, and Wellness program, a service available to over 13 million employees at over 3,000 employers around the world. In that time, I built a team of writers and content producers, and led the transformation of the program’s content from a small set of booklets to a self-help library of over 2,000 articles and hundreds of audio recordings, plus videos, interactive online self-assessments, and web-based resource locators. All LifeWorks content is presented in simple language to reach a diverse audience, and all is created in collaboration with subject matter experts. (2015 design)

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Getting a good night’s sleep
Brief mindfulness exercises
Caregiving when you work
Taking charge of your money

Avoiding money conflicts as a couple
4 ways to overcome overload
Making the most of your work day
Getting a good night's sleep infographic  Brief Mindfulness Exercises  small-infographic-caregiving  Taking Charge of Your Money

Booklets (at one time, LifeWorks offered more than 40 booklets)
small-Feeling-Good-cover  small-Giving-It-Your-Best-cover  Getting-Out-of-Debt  small-Questions-Parents-of-Infants-Ask

Audio (at one time, LifeWorks offered more than 40 audio CDs, plus dozens of podcasts)
When-Someone-You-Love-Is-Depressed-CD  small-Coming-Out-CD  small Navigating-Through-Workplace-Change-CD   small-When-Someone-You-Love-Has-a-Drinking-Problem  small-Taking-Charge-of-Your-Money-CD-cover  small-Growing-Stronger-through-Change-CD  small-Being-a-Dad-CD-cover  Managing-Stress-CD-cover