I believe that simple language can convey complex information.

That clear and effective communication can drive change to improve lives and make the world a better place.

That well-told stories of struggle and success can give hope and show a path forward for people who need help.

That elegant and attractive design is as important as words in reaching people’s hearts and minds.

That good communicators have a responsibility to ground their messages in fact—to work with experts to understand what research tells us. Because compelling language can lead, and it can mislead.

I am a writer and leader of content and communications.

I also find peace and joy in nature and human wonders, and use photography to capture and share that experience.


This site presents samples of my work.
Writing on employee engagement, medical issues, and personal change
Content leadership

Areas of expertise

Content  •  Communications  •  White papers •  Website strategy
Employee engagement  •  Health/wellness  •  Personal change
Organizational change  •  People management  •  Project management
Writing  •  Editing  •  Photography